What size digger do i need to hire

posted in Different sizes of diggers for hire on 10 April 2018

What size digger do i need to hire When it comes to hiring a digger for that smaller build or DIY job you still have a good choice available to you providing the rental company has a good range so below we are offering our advice on what size diggers are available to you and what would be the best choice for your job.

For these smaller jobs we will be recommending micro diggers, 1.5t mini excavators and 3t excavators and below are the main points to consider when making the decision of what to hire. Please bear in mind that the sizes and weights we use are based on our own rental fleet machines.

Micro diggers. These are the smallest machines which go down to 710mm wide and while the roll bar is folded down can pretty much fit through any garden gate or house doorway making the machine ideal for work in the back garden of a town house. These machines still have a maximum digging depth of 1820mm so they will do most jobs for you and our Bobcat E10's have a heavy weight of just under 1.2t so they are on average 400kg heavier than the likes of JCB microdiggers etc. That 400kg gives you a heavier base on the ground allowing much more digging power meaning your job gets done quicker and when the ground gets harder it still powers on. Choose the micro digger for when space is limited and access is tight.

1.5t Excavators. The most common rental excavator at just under 1m wide (980mm) these are a great machine for general work around the small site and garden. Our Bobcat E19 diggers are actually 1.9t sooner than 1.5t as people know them which like the micro gives you a good half a ton of weight advantage over the average rental machine which like the JCB is 1.4t so for a start you have tons more power but being able to dig down to 2565mm deep these machines are more than ideal for footings, driveways, trenching, garden ponds or general landscaping work. If you don't have tight access (you can always remove a fence panel) and can get a 1.5 tonner in then it will be a good choice to go for.

3t Excavators. When you have plenty of space and a larger area the 3 tonner is a great choice. You have bigger buckets to move more earth and a wider dozer blade to make clearing the areas so much easier. Being twice the weight of the 1.5t machines you have a clear weight advantage and believe it or not the bigger the digger the smoother the operation so you will feel more confident in using it. Also with a larger machine you have a glazed cab to keep you warm and a radio for entertainment.

We hope this helps you gain a bit of knowledge on the different types of machines available to hire

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